“The rapid uptake of gender identity ideology is allowing us now, to watch unmoved, or even congratulatory as a well-known media personality and psychologist promotes state supported, corrective, genital reassignment surgery for an otherwise healthy, young person suffering depression on nationwide television. All we need to know, it seems, is that this teenager suffers depression and does not conform to gender norms, and we will support medical intervention, too.

Lifton comments that there was also remarkably little opposition to sterilization when it was practised in the early stages of the Nazi era.

We need to start asking questions.”

writing by renee

Over the last few years, mainstream acceptance of gender identity ideology has grown rapidly. It seems like every week, another media outlet, student union, Ministry or educational organisation is strengthening its commitment to “trans rights”. This commitment often precludes any possibility of critical discussion, since the ideology is so rigid.

As the climate becomes increasigly hostile to any kind of questioning, hesitation or challenge, injustices that bear the mark of inconvenient truth go by largely undiscussed. Northland teenager Zahra Cooper received little attention for speaking out about the damage that gender transition did to her. Wealthy New Zealander Gavin Hubbard took a Samoan woman’s weightlifting medal, in front of a similarly apathetic media. That same media was happy to trash Laura though, a teenage girl from Marlborough who wanted to be consulted when her Girls’ College changed their bathroom policy.

There is much to be concerned about here. It is…

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